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My Battle Scars

What's Happened To Christmas?

A StrangersEyes

Angeline la reine de la danse

Bully Boys and Girls


Tyranny Slain

Lockdown 2020

Mark has worked in showbusiness from the age of sixteen. He started his career with the conventional pop bands, (The Nightriders & The Escorts) and by the time he was seventeen and a half he was singing with an eighteen piece orchestra under the direction of Bill Sowerby. At the age of twenty two Mark was running his own band at the Top Rank Ballroom in Darlington, Co Durham England.

Mark recorded his first single in 1971 This was called 909 (covered with Venus) The song was written and produced by The Emperor Rosko, for Mother Records, released and distributed by Beacon/ EMI. The records can still be purchased by following the links below.

Mark Aynsley Discogs: Mother 909

With the release of this single Mark signed with manager Colin Hutchinson and later Neil Johnson both of whom helped to promote Mark career as a solo singer entertainer.

In 1974 Mark wrote a song for the late singer and entertainer Frankie Vaughn called "I'll Never See Julie Again"This can also be purchased by following the link below.

Discogs: I'll Never See Julie Again

This took his vocal talents into the cabaret clubs of Britain. Television followed, and to date Mark has appeared on fourteen major T.V. Shows, and has sang on numerous radio broadcasts with the BBC Northern Radio Orchestra. Link to TV show "Up For The Cup" https://youtu.be/ogmxg75kEEE
On two occasions Mark has been part of the three member team representing Gt Britain at the European song festival held at Knokke, Belgium, and on each occasions they have been the winners. This introduced Mark to the international music scene resulting in him touring and performing in Norway, Malta, Las Palmas, The Gambia, and the casino circuit in Portugal, whilst periodically entertaining passengers on P&O cruise liners The Canberra, and Oriana. In the nineties he was one of the star Guest entertainers on board the Star Princess, for Princess Cruises.
On the home front he has worked in many theatres and shows including The Adam Smith Centre, Kirkcaldy, Scotland, The Bristol Hippodrome, The Liverpool Empire, and the highly acclaimed summer show at the Horseshoe Bar Blackpool, as well as appearing in seven production shows for Butlins Holiday Centres.

The First series of the X Factor 2004

In 2004 a friend persuaded Mark to audition for a new television talent show called "The X Factor." The show had recently been advertised as a show similar to Pop idol but for singers of all ages. His friend also mentioned the fact that if he passed the auditions and appeared on the show he would be a great advert of hope for someone singing after having throat cancer. He went ahead and successfully passed three grueling auditions and was eventually picked for the last 16 males in the 25yrs upwards group. At the boot camp he didn't make it into the last five, however he was pleased with how far he'd reached in the competition considering over fifty thousand people auditioned to appear on the show. Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, and Sharon Osbourne, were the three judges. Kate Thornton presented the show for ITV1 & Ben Shepard for ITV2.

Up until 2009 Mark was singing at least two/three nights per week, running a small entertainment's agency in Warrington Cheshire, and teaching“Exercise to Music” classes, specialising in fitness for the over fifties.

In 2010 after being in the entertainment business for over 50 years Mark thought it was time to hang up his vocal chords, retire and move to France, however within a short period of time he was back singing and playing guitar with a French Band called "Mijo". In 2014 he also started writing again and to date he has released two EP's and six singles available for download or streaming on all the major platforms.

Twenty new original plus three covers can also be heard on YouTube: "Mark Aynsley Hay YouTube"


In 2020 Mark teamed up with fellow songwriter and singer Chris Morris (ex Paper Lace guitarist and singer) together they have written a number of new songs and are presently applying their individualism to each other’s back catalogue of original compositions. Their latest upload "MyBattle Scars" is an emotional and very poignant song dealing with homelessness portrayed through the testimony of an ex-soldier. All of their joint compositions are available for streaming and download from all the major platforms, Spotify,YouTube, Deezer, iTunes etc.

Attached below are the links to Mark's latest uploads available for streaming on Spotify
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Un Blagueur Seul
My Battle Scars
What's Happened To Christmas
Through A Strangers Eyes EP
Bully Boys and Girls
Angeline la reine de la danse
Tyranny Slain
The Sombre Statesman EP

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